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What is Play Timelessness?

Play Timelessness is a powerful meditative therapeutic process which allows adults to rapidly process blocked energies.

It does this by bypassing the analytical mind and instead taps into our intrinsic energies of Self.

In this way we quickly remember and access our inherent qualities such as curiosity, creativity, confidence, courage, connectedness, innocence, playfulness, confidence.... even limitlessness.

Sounds familiar?

These are the qualities of Self.

Sometimes people working with IFS (Internal Family Systems) struggle to recognize Self energy. Yet it can be super easily accessed through play.

Where there is Self energy, there is healing.

This process happens in a half day 'playshop'. Please see below for details of upcoming events!

Why play?

Play and creativity are at the heart of transformation.

They are the jet fuel for problem solving - both personally and professionally.

Healthy relationships thrive off creativity. Restoring harmony, balance and eroticism in intimate relationships flourishes with creativity.

Play and creativity put us into a psychological state of openness, wonder, freedom to explore the unknown - even limitlessness.... so that creative insights become the norm.

When we tap into our creativity we come alive... we have more energy, more focus, more ability to problem solve, and we can relax and feel more connected with our loved ones.

Play and creativity can even help reduce depressive symptoms and stress responses... and even improve immune system functioning.

Why is this effective?

Just watch a child at play and notice the rich spectrum of experiences that move through the child even in a short period of 'time'.

As we enter this space our natural qualities of Self become evident.

This is available for YOU.

We can access this as adults.

It's just as adults we rarely get an opportunity to fully allow this space.

Playshops are designed to give you a rare opportunity to experience this directly.


Upcoming playshops - dates to be determined.

Attending a Playshop event requires an application in advance.

To register your interest for an event, please email me on [email protected]. Thank you!


Here are some common questions people ask about Playshops. If you have more please do connect with me and ask me directly!

"Play? As an adult! What a ridiculous idea! I'm a serious person! I'll look silly! And anyway, I don't have time to play!"

As part of the process we can address such concerns. Most of us have these inner objections.... Using IFS we can easily negotiate with the objecting parts... and when they witness us at play they can relax... and maybe even recognize who they've been protecting all along...

"But what if I have childhood trauma?"

Trauma is when these energies get stuck. If you have any concerns about accessing childhood trauma then please reach out to me directly.

Contact me for more specific information.

Email: [email protected]