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What is IFS?

IFS is the bridge between a wide range of more classical therapies and the deepest ancient spiritual wisdom.

Importantly, IFS is non-pathologising.

Dr Bessel van der Kolk, the pioneering leader in trauma treatment and author of the essential reading 'The Body Holds The Score' states IFS is 'the treatment method that all clinicians should know to treat clients effectively.'

Internal Family Systems is a powerful evidence-based model of psychotherapy. It's known to be effective in treating a wide range of symptoms, including overwhelm, anxiety, depression, addictions, OCD and traumas.

The results include not only relief from symptoms but also a deeper sense of Self knowledge.

The mind is naturally comprised of parts. We know this - we speak in these terms, 'A part of me feels this, a part of me feels that...'. This is the normal structure of the psyche.

Our parts are organised internally as 'Protectors' to protect us from experiencing the pain of our histories, woundings, burdensome beliefs and traumas, which are held by our parts.

Yet what we essentially are is not the mind. We are the Self.

It is the clients' own Self which knows how to heal and how to integrate the parts.

In supporting the client to recognize, familiarize and establish themselves as their true self (in IFS terms, the 'Self') this healing can happen.

To find out more about how IFS can help you, please feel free to connect with me directly on [email protected] and watch the videos below to see how IFS can be applied in our lives.

Want To Know More About IFS?

These videos are subtitled - open in YouTube and click Settings/Subtitles/CC.

IFS in a nutshell

Dr Dick Schwartz, the creator of IFS, summarizes IFS.

IFS and compassion

IFS helps our natural compassion be revealed.

With IFS I discovered my human-ness. It was that human-ness that really brought forth self compassion.

IFS and spiritual bypassing

Spiritual bypassing is a major blind spot for many of us and can really harm us. IFS is the bridge between classical therapies and direct methods of spirituality (Self Inquiry). 

IFS, trauma work and the spiritual journey

IFS Trauma work and the spiritual journey: When it's needed, it's needed.

Trauma work is an integral part of the spiritual path - when it needs our loving, mindful and also skilful attention. 

IFS, spiritual bypassing and abandonment

If you have a part holding an abandonment wound or trauma, spiritual bypassing can actually be experienced by that part as re-traumatization.

IFS and 12 steps

The IFS (Internal Family Systems) approach to 12 Steps. 

IFS invites us to lead more Self-led lives, rather than viewing ourselves as 'defective'.


Here are some common questions people ask about working with IFS. If you have more please do connect and ask me directly!

Do I need to have done therapy?

No. You do not need to have done any prior therapy. Most people - whether they're fresh to therapy or have spent years exploring different therapy models - often find that IFS offers a very fresh approach.

You'll find some useful books on the:

Resources Page

Do I need to see you in-person?

No. You do not need to see me in-person. I can do IFS sessions over Zoom. However I am also available for in-person sessions in East London. 

In-person sessions are valuable since there is a lot of healing information sharing that happens at the energetic and nervous system levels. This is generally experienced to be more palpable in-person. 

Zoom is great, but many of us recognize the need for human contact. So do feel free to ask about in-person sessions.

Do I need to commit for a fixed period of time?

Although it is not necessary to commit for a fixed period of time, a minimum of 3 sessions is recommended.

Will it interfere with other processes?

IFS is complimentary to many other healing processes and is often combined with different 12 Step models and EMDR, amongst other therapies and programmes. There are some differences in understanding between IFS and some other modalities. 

Contact me for more specific information.

Email: [email protected]