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The Art Of Letting Go

The Sedona Method reminds us of our natural ability to let go.

Let go of what?

Of any thought, feeling, belief or identification.

It is mostly when we are identified with the thoughts and feelings that we experience suffering. 

The Sedona Method allows us to gently welcome not only all the layers of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that are experienced, but also to welcome the sense of 'me' that sits at the centre of suffering. 

Gentle welcoming with clear guidance from the Sedona Method facilitator can allow the client to see through and let go of the false identifications which keep us stuck in suffering.

And the result?


A deep sense of freedom - often from problems that have plagued us for many years.

I've facilitated The Sedona Method since 2008 and completed the only Certified Sedona Method Coach Training in 2010.

It remains, for me, one of the most transformative processes I've ever worked with.

And yet my experiences have shown me that it is often necessary to combine The Sedona Method with other techniques and modalities according to the needs of the individual, particularly where there is trauma.

If you wish to know more about The Sedona Method, please do connect with me on [email protected].